Captivating singer/songwriter and inspired music instructor, Jessica Benini is a fresh force on the Vancouver music scene.

Blending folk, roots, blues, pop and country, Jessica brings a unique energy to her performances, engaging the audience with her soulful and reflective melodies - and bringing the house down with her foot-stomping harmonica solos.


Jessica has moved to Vancouver & is teaching out of her house studio in East Van!


  • Artistic Director of Victoria Ukulele Festival 2017

  • Showcased at Songwriter Sessions at the Bitter End in NYC 2015

  • Featured at Broadway Sessions in NYC 2015 & 2011

  • Nominated for "Vocal Performance of the Year" at the 2014 Vancouver Island Music Awards

  • Nominated for "Best Live Act" at the 2012 Vancouver Island Music Awards

  • Top 3 at the Islands Folk Festival songwriting competition 2010

Jessica Benini is a west coast gem captivating the audience with her energetic personality, soulful melodies, rhythmic guitar and spontaneous harmonica solos.
— A.T.
Songbirds come with different voices. Jessica Benini arrives with many. Perhaps she is most like a young Joni Mitchell, blended with some Carol King, but comparisons suffer; Jessica Benini has her very own style, her own voice, her own songs.
— Richard Michelle-Pentelbury, Mr P's Words
Jessica’s on stage energy sucks you in....and her beautiful voice leaves your hanging on her every word.
— Kim Jay


No Regrets (2014)  Available on Bandcamp

No Regrets (2014) Available on Bandcamp

Express Yourself (2010)  Available on iTunes

Express Yourself (2010) Available on iTunes