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All ages

Vancouver private lessons: Mon - Sat

Skype lessons available

Group Workshops available

Instruments: Voice, Guitar, Ukulele, Songwriting, Harmonica

Styles: Pop, Folk, Rock, Country, Gospel


  • $30/ half hour

  • $45/ forty five minutes

  • $60/ hour 

What to expect...

Vocals: Jessica will teach you how to access your authentic voice and free it. She focusses on developing range, tone, breath, ear training, releasing vocal strain and tension, blending the mix between head and chest voice, singing through the bridgeand singing freely without harm by protecting the voice. She works with students to implement practical techniques, while guiding them to use their heart and emotion for a strong, genuine and natural performance.

Guitar/Ukulele: Jessica teaches students how to play songs while developing skills including tuning, rhythmic patterns and strumming, chord progressions, finger picking techniques, scales, notation, beginner theory and playing by ear.

Songwriting: Jessica loves working with her students to develop songs that showcase their abilities and allows them to speak straight from their heart. She guides them to create stories and encourages their songwriting ideas to help structure each song so they achieve their own individual sound.

Harmonica: Jessica will guide you in how to play soulful folk and blues on a diatonic harmonica. Focussing on rhythm exercises, breathing, improvisation, melodies, single notes, bending, cross-harp and accompanying yourself while playing another instrument.

Teaching Experience...

Jessica currently teaches private lessons in East Vancouver. She also teaches at Tapestry Music in Kitsilano.

Jessica began teaching privately in 2009. She was an instructor at Larsen School of Music from 2010-2016 until it closed. She also taught at Windstars Music Academy from 2014-2016.  

In 2014, Jessica has taught ukulele, percussion & harmony workshop for the Pro G Girls Day Camp at the Commonwealth.

In 2015 Jessica has taught voice & acting at Dansko Studios for two Musical Theatre Camps ages 6-12 years old. 

2014 to 2017 Jessica was the electric guitar instructor for Girls Rock Camp Victoria.

2013 to present Jessica led multiple Songwriting & Vocal Workshops for teenagers, post secondary college students & adults.

Jessica is currently teaching multiple Beginner, Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate Ukulele workshops, as well as Harmonica & Songwriting workshops.

Jessica is currently the Artistic Director for the 7th Annual Victoria Ukulele Week Festival in 2017.